Company Profile

Entering in the 21st century, the speed of change of a world is becoming increasingly quick.
It is changing to the extent that the environment which surrounds us the companies does not become a thing compared with before, either.
Aiming at the company which can grow in the quick time of this change, our company always pursues change, sees and considers things from all directions, and does not regret a mosquito, but challenges the time of the 21st century.
It considers that a visitor can be satisfied and building a mutual confidential relation with a visitor in the first place, and aiming at number one, always new information and knowledge are mastered, the organization which can do a further more good proposal is built, and a product is manufactured and offered.

Akihiko Oyama, President

Company Name Haipurakasei Co., Ltd.
Head Office 8-92-5, Murasakino, Kitakami-shi, Iwate-ken, 023-0401 Japan
Telephone / Fax +81-197-68-2035 / +81-197-68-2038
Date of Establishment August 1th, 1979 Capitalization 12 million yen (Paid-in Capital)
Line of Business (1) Manufacture and sale of FRP (reinforced plastic) products
The parts / the parts / various covers for motorcycles for cars, and a panel / tank / sandwich panel Another FRP(s) product at large
(2) A rental and sale of construction materials
A temporary lavatory / temporary house / shower house / event article / scaffold / fixtures
(3) construction related construction
Sale of waterproofing work / ceiling construction / heat insulation construction / construction / outer wall construction / painter's work/and others
(4) industrial chemicals
Chloride / caustic soda / following zinc matter acid soda / polymer coagulant/, others
Correspondent bank Bank of Iwate The Kitakami branch
Bank of Kitanihon The Kitakami branch
Mizusawa credit bank Murasakino branch
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